Prem Malgorzata Dabrowska

A very warm welcome.

My name is Prem (she, her, hers) and I am a practitioner of IoPT Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy, systemic constellations facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher. I am also trained in counselling skills, somatic experiencing, drama therapy, non violent communication, authentic relating, theta healing and reiki I & II .

My great passion is to provide a safe and compassionate space for you to explore any unresolved, painful or traumatic experiences where we can both witness the birth of your own truth, deep awareness and recovery of your trust in life. As an IoPT practitioner I provide a highly sensitive and compassionate space for your feelings, thoughts, wants and needs.

About me

I was born and raised in the 1980’s in Poland, a country that remembers many wars, loss, death and destruction. Since I left the motherland and the horrors of my childhood I enjoyed living in England and having a stable and secure base, a new home. I had a sense that in the most areas of my life I felt pretty happy, free, loved and fulfilled until I began Kundalini Yoga teacher training course  and I had to face my enormous fear of public speaking and being seen. Confronting my biggest obstacle marked the beginning of the fascinating quest of healing my traumas and discovering the wisdom and gift that they offered to me.

Now it is my passion and mission to be a companion, and a space holder for people that struggle, just like I was, with the enormity of the past traumas and overwhelming emotions. Working with my own and my clients’ trauma, I learned that facing, feeling and healing our own personal pain takes incredible amount of courage, persistence and commitment. It is not always easy, smooth and simple process.  It takes everything that we have to grapple with the hungry ghosts from the past that still haunt our present. I am deeply grateful to all my clients, teachers, peers and everyone that have contributed in all ways  to my personal and professional growth.

My approach…

…to working with trauma is about befriending it rather than fixing or even healing it. I offer a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental space where we can explore whatever is going on in your life. At the centre of my work is supporting my clients to find and increase connection with their true self and their true identity. I utilise various methods so that we can explore the psyche, the sub-personalities and all the ways of being that may keep you stuck.

In my work I utilise the resonance method to touch the forgotten and traumatised parts of the psyche. The practice of the Intention Method, also called the ‘Self-encounter’ allows to connect the disconnected and fragmented parts of the psyche and to bring wholeness, presence and self-empowerment. It is a step by step process which in combination with various somatic practices help to create more openness and availability for living a kinder and healthier life. My practice and experience of working with the wider human systems allows me also to see and understand the transgenerational impact on a person’s current life. Systemic work provides much needed clarity and it often brings a sense of liberation in one’s life from the tentacles of ancestral trauma and suffering.

Kind words from my clients

I have had IOPT and FC sessions with Prem for almost a year working through and healing my childhood trauma. Prem is warm, kind, generous and incredibly supportive facilitator who held beautifully space for me during my healing sessions and provided me with the guidance and support I needed. With gratitude for all my healing  ❤️‍🩹

Kasia, UK,

"I want to share my gratitude for the IoPT workshops that I attended with you, Prem. I very much appreciate the depth that I experienced and the level of healing and insight that I had every single time. I also have a deep and honest respect for the way you facilitate the processes and keep the space even in the most stressful situations that arrive unexpectedly, how you remain calm and manage to keep the others calm during the processes, which is not always an easy job. You made me feel safe and secure, which allowed me to build trust in the process, in myself and in opening up. I also appreciate your kindness, your patience, your warmth, your creativity, your generosity to give and share with others your skills and knowledge. So, thank you for the opportunity to participate in your workshops and to keep working with you. I really feel the difference in my life, in the way I feel about myself and others, in my relationships, in the way I am able to recognise my survival mechanisms and to heal my trauma."

Cristina, Romania,

“I have had a constellation therapy with Prem. She has an excellent, therapeutic approach and helped me to reveal the hidden things in my family, go through it, that I could recognise and identified my problem. I struggle with this problem for many years and I am free now.  This therapy has changed my life. Prem is very empathetic, warm and open-minded.  Approach with no-judgemental and confidential space to explore all that is happening for you. She is very compassionate therapist, very intuitive with excellent  active listening skills.  I could feel her support like we did this journey together. I definitely would recommend Prem for you."

Barbara, Switzerland,

“I have attended many of Prem's workshops. She provides a safe environment and is very gentle in her approach. All her work, in bigger or smaller steps, allows for moving closer towards internal well-being.   Prem can trust and go with the flow and this is truly great. I highly recommend working with her. One workshop, in particular, has left me flying high under the ceiling with joy.  Despite me taking an active part in my and my daughter's healing for over 6 years, I was feeling that in some way, I was banging my head against a brick wall. That somehow, whatever I was doing was not enough.  This epic IoPT session allowed for the internally split and traumatized parts of my daughter's psyche to have their say.  The results were truly transformative and I left the workshop as high as a kite with joy. In fact, I felt like finally, somebody has fully opened the healing doors for my child. So that my child and her split parts can have her voice and be fully heard: by me and by the rest of the world. Thank you, Prem.”

Aga, Poland,

“I’ve been working to understand my family patterning for more than two decades.  Prem’s intuitive brilliance and loving facilitation alongside the magic of the constellations brought much healing to light.  Profound gratitude.”

Olivia, UK,

"In processes with Prem I feel safe and supported to feel and be all of me. I really like the way she shows up when I feel stuck, and also gives me a lot of space  to explore. I really love having processes With her as a therapist."

Kristina, Norway,

"Praca z Prem dla mnie była najlepsza decyzja jaką mogłam podjąć przy wyborze terapeuty i terapii, którą oferuje.  Prem jest osobąempatyczną, ciepłą, przy której czujesz, że jesteś we właściwym miejscu i idziesz w zaufaniu na spotkanie ze swoim prawdziwym Ja. W końcu zaczęłam widzieć siebie bez poczucia winy, wstydu, obciążeń. Po każdej sesji widziałam postępy, a po kilku spotkaniach zauważyłam cuda, które zaczęły dziać się w moim życiu. Polecam z całego sercaPrem i IoPT :)"

Lucyna, Poland/Polska,

Dear ones :)

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