Why group therapy?

At first, the idea of participating in a group therapy might seem intimidating. Only a thought about sharing your very personal story with strangers may evoke a feeling of anxiety or stress. However joining groups may be highly beneficial and it can greatly contribute to one’s own healing. So how a group therapy can help?

  • Coming together and having a common goal creates a sense of connection and belonging, thus reduces the feeling of loneliness, isolation and shame
  • Groups can provide support. When we hear from others about similar issues we start to realise that we are not alone in having challenges. Many people experience a sense of relief hearing that others also suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, depression and many other struggles.
  • Every person in a group acts as a mirror and helps you see yourself better, your personal perceptions about others and the world. It’s a way of uncovering the blind spots that may be blocking your ability to overcome your issues.
  • Groups may propel you forward. Hearing not only how others survived, but also how they overcame their struggles or dealt with stressful situations can be very inspiring and motivating towards making steps in a personal life
  • Groups provide a practice of re-engaging with people, thus promoting social skills. Being part of a group can gradually help overcome many issues, such as isolation, unworthiness, fear, powerlessness, relational problems, low self-esteem.

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably

the single most important aspect of mental health;

safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”

Bessel van der Kolk

“We were hurt in early relationship, which means that we’re going to heal in relationship.

Relationships can be the grounds for healing when approached properly”

Gabor Mate

I offer online and in person sessions in small groups,

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IoPT – Somatic Parts Work sessions 90 mins at £80 per session

Systemic Constellations sessions 90 mins at £85 per session

Trauma Integration sessions 60 mins at £50 per session

Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation  & Sound Baths

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